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We are electronic product development excellence. From an idea to a product we innovate and manage hardware, software, and strategy aspects of the process. Our teams are small, interdisciplinary, agile, and put together specifically for your project. It is not unusual that clients comes to us for specific help only to discover that we can help them in many other areas. We are experts in embedded Linux, high speed hardware design, firmware, networking, signal/image processing algorithms, UI/UX development, web technologies, and many other nuts and bolts of the trade. We've done many interesting and advanced projects.


We make your vision become real, fast! It all starts with a conversation. We assemble our services, our teams, and our fees to fit your project. If you are startup, we'll innovate with you to deliver the right balance of simple vs. complex, function vs. beauty, and accelerate your product launch. If you are an established firm, we'll innovate around your existing products to secure competitive market position for the digital age. We work tightly with you and at times we may appear as managing your development process. Our ideation sprints are done in 5-day cycles, prototypes are available in 25-60 days, and full product may be available in 180 days.

our story

We still work like a startup. We are spin-off from the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh. We founded the company to commercialize a cutting edge image acquisition technology originated by our research at CMU. As we were starting out we expected the world to function perfectly, especially when it comes to "standard" electronics. But to our surprise, our standards were not easily met so we developed a complete expertise in-house. Now you can benefit from our expertise, experience, and high expectations. We know what you are looking for and we deliver. Talk to us.

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