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Based on a unique invention, Intrigue raised funding and developed a one-of-a-kind real-time range imaging camera. The camera operates on the principle of dynamic triangulation and uses our custom CMOS image sensor chip to perform all processing on the focal plane. The camera is capable of delivering 128x128 pixel range maps at up to 200 frames per second (fps).

Patent: US 6,421,132


skills used

Analog VLSI Design Tanner Tools Pro Altium Designer USB (hw/sw) Laser Scanning Control Optics dsPIC C (embedded) Visual Studio/DirectX/C++ Image Processing Matlab Robotics



State of Pennsylvania
Self Innovation

Welcome to Intrigue Tehnologies, Inc.
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3D Camera 200fps Range Imaging Camera
3D Camera Prototype

Camera for 3D imaging

A custom image sensor performs all the processing delivering up to 200 frames per seond of range data.
Scanning Structured Light Laser Custom CMOS Image Sensor
Rande Map
Example captured range map of a wooden candleholder.
Range Camera R&D Prototype

An early prototype

Slide background

Example Imaging Setup

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Custom CMOS Sensor Chip Behing the Lens

The chip performs all the processing on the focal plane
CMOS Image Sansor Layout Image Sensor Chip micrograph

The Sensor Chip

Image Sensor Pixel Layout

The Sensor Pixels

The analog signal processing ciruitry
is in between pixels
Real-time Range Camera, Dynamic Triangulation
3D Object Digitization

3D Video of Cangleholder